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Preparing to study in the UK can be a confusing and challenging time, but we're here to help. dafa888娱乐场下载 College are experts in international education, with over 60 years of experience helping extraordinary international students like you progress to top UK universities. Whether you study 一个水平基金会 or International Year One, you'll develop the skills to succeed at university. With us, you'll get to where you want to be.

Our international student guides are designed to help you make the right choices to succeed on your degree and in your career. By studying with us, we can help prepare you to take the next steps on your journey: from choosing and applying to the right university for you, to planning for your dream career. Learn more about studying in the UK as an international student with our friendly and informative guides below.

Arriving in the UK


Learn everything you need to know about arriving in the UK, from visa and immigration information to what to do once you arrive at the airport.

dafa888体育 in the UK


Learn more about the UK education system and the different types of degrees offered at British universities to ensure you find the right degree for you.



A UK education is the first step into a variety of exciting industries. Discover more about some of the different careers you can access with a UK degree.

Olivia from Indonesia

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Olivia from Indonesia - Studied 一个水平 and achieved A*A*A*, now studying 数学 and Statistics at Exeter College, University of Oxford